Photo of the Splendid 5-a-side team

Lou Burton

Senior Producer, Imagination

“Ben was a core part of the in-car interface/HMI team at Imagination – he was the lead designer on two hugely successful projects, and added his wide mix of skills to many more. He solved complex design & interface problems with beautiful, powerful, but simple ideas. His attention to detail and patience in crafting perfect vehicle-ready assets make him a joy to work with.”

Glennis McGregor

Head of Web Design, Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan Publishing

“Ben is a highly creative designer who’s fast, full of ideas and in touch with current trends. He went the extra mile to make our site design really pop, retaining a real sense of brand and market suitability.”

Nick Gentry

Visual and Interaction Designer, Splendid

“While at Splendid I worked with Ben in a small team on a job for Aston Martin. His open minded, easy going approach makes him an ideal person to work with and he will fit well into any team. He works hard until the best result is achieved and has excellent attention to detail. I recommend him as a top designer with a broad skill set and the necessary experience to make him a great choice for a wide range of design projects.”

Mark Edwards

User Experience Consultant, LexisNexis

“I always enjoyed working with Ben. It was a fun and very creative experience. It helps incredibly that Ben knows what looks good instinctively. It’s not just his instinct and talent though; it’s also that his designs are always fresh and bang up to date. And then there’s his attention to detail. Also, he was happy to go through lots of alternatives, any of which would do, but then iterate until we got it just right. I hope to work with him again soon.”

Julianne Luebbe

Senior Visual Designer/Discipline Lead, LexisNexis

“I worked with Ben for five years at LexisNexis. His attention to detail, passion for excellence, and breadth of knowledge are impressive and inspiring. It was great fun working with him.”

Carl Hubbers

Web Developer, LexisNexis

“Ben is the best designer I have ever worked with. He has an excellent understanding of not only visual design but also the advantages and limitations of designing for the internet. Ben has very good attention to detail and takes a strong leadership role in the overall design process.”

Andrea Hill

Senior Web Developer, LexisNexis

“Prior to working directly with Ben, I heard of his attention to detail and passion for excellence. Upon meeting him, I was surprised to see his dedication to quality deliverables was only exceeded by his dedication to innovation and creativity.”