Running a workshop with clients


Since contracting I have worked for a number of agencies including Imagination, Sapient, AKQA and R/GA.

My role within these agencies has varied, primarily focused on interaction design, working on a range of briefs from lengthy user focused projects, starting at concept level through to production, then jumping in on manic pitches and POCs working to impossible deadlines.

From April 2010 to April 2012 I worked at Imagination as the interim art director and creative lead of their HMI team. In this role I oversaw the design of Ford’s next generation of digital clusters (instrument displays), personally designing the digital interface for their next generation of hybrid and plugin hybrid vehicles.

Along with this I have also had the opportunity to work on enhancing their electric car interface and infotainment system.

Other clients I’ve worked with include Nike, covering a range of briefs including their NikeStore world cup campaign, and Nokia for whom I have provided interaction design on campaign work at R/GA. While at AKQA I also worked on the Nokia account, producing conceptual interaction and visual design for apps and the OS of their latest handsets.

During my time at Splendid I was lucky enough to lead up the team commissioned with designing the in-car system for Aston Martin which has been rolled out with the launch of the 1/77.

Prior to this I was the joint creative lead on social networking site Smarta, which featured in The Telegraph, Design Week and Business Lunch, and launched in January 09.

I also flew out to the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle to work with Silverlight developers, to design and prototype a conceptual UI for the Samsung Omnia mobile phone.

In amongst this there have been variety of other clients such as Barclays, Play.com, Vodafone, Trinny & Suzannah. Most notably a major brief for Sony Europe, while for Nike, the production of ID for their new Kitbuilder and other smaller briefs.

Ellipsis Media

As the Art Director I worked alongside the Technical Manager, coordinating the day-to-day running of the agency arm of the company.

Responsibilities included project management, liaising with clients, writing proposals and design briefs, and looking after the needs of the team.

I was also responsible for all design and html production, supporting the creative team and providing critique and technical direction. I combined these responsibilities with creative production; usability analysis, wireframing, working up concepts and designing html emails. Building xhtml templates for use with a CMS and producing Flash and ActionScript content.


My primary responsibility was the visual interface design of all LexisNexis products. This process started at the beginning of the project life cycle when I would meet with either the IA or client to discuss their ideas and the scope of the project. Develop the content structure and interaction, translate these decisions into a final visual design and communicate the design to the web development team. I would then oversee the code production to ensure the visual quality of the front-end.

I then led a team that produced and policed the brand identity, and was a member of the accessibility review team.

I was also responsible for the design and production of Flash modules; I project managed the process, forecasted costings and resourced the necessary staff.

Design Net

As Senior Designer I was the creative lead on all projects, developing concepts for pitches and mentoring junior designers.

I would work closely with the Managing Director to art direct the concepts for new projects, present the concepts at POC level and liaised with clients at all stages of the project life cycle.