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Feb 2009


Macmillan Publishing


Visual design

Description supports a large amount of blogs within its network. Each one is on a different specialist subject, with it’s own identity, will fitting within the styling and structure of the site.

I was asked to design a generic template for this array of blogs which could be adapted simply using the css so that each blog could use it’s own signature colour and place a unique image in the header to identify it from the others.

In the day I had to work on this I produced a couple of variations. The result being that the final template is based on the second but pulling a couple of elements from the first.

Aston Martin Centerstack

Screen samples of Aston Martin Infotainment System

Feb 2009


Aston Martin


interaction design, visual design


Having worked on a concept interface for Aston Martin previously at Splendid they then gave me the opportunity to produce the real thing.

Over a number of months I took charge of the production of the infotainment system, in tandem to a team who produced a home mangement system.

We worked closely with the client spending two days a week on site in Gaydon.They allowed us to become emersed in the Aston Martin world, interviewing all the stakeholders and wide range of staff.

We then developed our ideas through a series of testing phases, finally translating the UI in to a refined elegant visual interface which blended seamlessly in to the vehicle interior.