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FPU Mobile Site

Homepage of FPU mobile site

Sept 2011


Fresno Pacific University


Interaction design, visual design


Having redesigned FPU’s main site I was commissioned to design their mobile site too.

To do this I worked with the client to rationalise the content while provide an engaging experience that wouldn’t make the site feel like a set of simple menu options.

The result is a mobile site that reflects the image of the university and allows users to gain quick and easy access to the information they need whatever their situation.

Lifecaster Demo


Sept 2009




art direction and flash asset creation


For this brief I flew out to Berlin and met the Nokia team working on the production of this new mobile app. Although the product development was complete they required a Flash demo of the interface to mock the interaction for a press event.

I returned to London and working closely with a Flash developer to build the demo, liaising with the guys in Berlin to provide visuals and feedback on progress throughout the week leading up to the show.

The end product can be seen in use here on Youtube.

Gooey – Concept UI for Windows Mobile

screenshot from site

Oct 2008




art direction, visual design, interaction design, Silverlight asset creation


Microsoft wanted to showcase Silverlight on a mobile platform. The solution was to create an animated, interactive character which could interpret the operation system functions of the Samsung Omnia.

I worked on this as a solo project, for Splendid, over two weeks, working with a developer from Samsung, plus technical support from the in-house Microsoft Silverlight team.

I spent the first few days brainstorming and storyboarding the project, and brought in some illustrators to create the character. I then spent a week in Seattle at Microsoft taking part in a workshop with other small Silverlight teams where I finished the storyboarding and investigated technical solutions to our requirements. The final week was spent producing the visual interface which I created using Microsoft Expression.

The final interface was produced as a demo for PDC2008 in LA.