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One Stop Blogs

screenshot from site

Mar 2009


Macmillan Publishing


Visual design, Web development


One Stop Blogs is a blogging aggregation site from MacMillan Publishing for people working with in the language teaching profession.

Armed simply with existing branding of One Stop English I created a totally new site site, developing a unique look and feel. The site is built on an existing code structure which I was constrained to but then given the freedom to stretch it as far as I could to come up with something fresh and exciting.

The design I produced brought life to a previously dull uninspiring content model. Once I had the design in place I kicked of the css work which I then passed on to the in-house development team.


screenshot from site

June 2008




visual design, prototype development


I was hired by Sapient to join their team redesigning www.vodafone.co.uk and the then separate online shop offering.

Although given the choice to come in as an IA I opted to work on the visual design team, supporting both the shop side and the main co.uk side. As well as being able to contribute as a design for both areas, this gave me the responsibility of being a sanity check between the two streams, keeping them on track with all visual design developments.

It was a chance for me to learn a different technical approach as all the wireframing and visual design was done in Illustrator. The greatest benefit to this method is that each ‘module’ can be created independently then inserted in to templates in the same way websites do. This was also useful in terms of time saving, because the wireframe files were the same format as the visual design, so assets could transfer across to save reproduction.

Another role I took on was to build a prototype of the new IA for testing purposes. The primary purpose of this was to test the new site hierarchy so I had to make sure the user was able to navigate around the site (built from sliced screen shots). I built it using php includes which meant we were able to change the structure and content quickly on the fly when needed.


screenshot from site

Jan 2008




Art direction, visual design, web development, interaction design, project management


This site is a private enterprise born from the owners knowledge of the travel industry. It is a high-end travel site aimed at the more discerning traveller who wants the best and the convenience of having it arranged for them. This site features non-biased, informative full-screen videos of the offers presented by well known travel writers.

Working closely with the client I over saw every aspect of the brief from wireframing to launch. Following the wireframing I produced the visual design and built the site. The XHTML templates I created were tailored to work with dotEditor, a content management system, allowing the client easy access to edit and manage the live site.

Rosetta V1

Screenshots of the original Rosetta Platform

April 2002




Lead visual designer, interaction design, web development


As the third member of the newly formed UX team to be hired in the UK, and only visual designer, I joined up with two IAs to start work on the ‘Rosetta Platform’. We kicked off by teaming up with a small team from Serco to sketch high-level wireframes.

From these I developed a range of visual concepts, which once user tested, were narrowed down to the final look and feel.

Within a few months the team grew dramatically as the project picked up pace and the first release was around a year and a half later. The product was initially released in 4 countries and with 5 subsequent releases it is now available in 8 countries, in three different languages. The scale of the project was immense, involving hundreds of product managers, project managers, user experience specialists and engineers.